Bheithir and the Magic Well

Once upon a time, far above Ardanaiseig, hidden high in the lofty corries of the mighty Ben Cruachan, there was a magic well of youth.
According to ancient Celtic legend, this magic well was guarded by the lovely goddess Bheithir.

Each evening, she bathed in its enchanted waters to preserve her ageless beauty. But once, after bathing at dusk, she forgot to replace the capstone on the sacred spring.
All night long the crystal waters poured from the mountainside and flooded the valley below to form Loch Awe.

Beithir, banished by the gods and cursed with immortality, was transformed into the terrible Cailleach Bheithir, the ancient Winter Hag of death and darkness.
Her icy voice still echoes around the wild snow-bound chasms of the mighty Ben Cruachan.

There are those who say that on the night of the winter solstice her piteous and heart rending lamentations can clearly be heard at Ardanaiseig. There are others who say that Ardanaiseig itself stands on the site of the first of many ancient settlements to be drawn to Loch Awe by the story of its magic waters. In any event, the very air at Ardanaiseig seems to hang heavy with Celtic myths and memories.